House clearing can be a very overwhelming and traumatic experience.  We appreciate the stress you may be under and aim to make the experience as hassle and stress free as possible.

Everyone has some clutter in their lives, and some may have more than a little!  Clutter can be an energy zapper and mess causes stress.  Add value to your life and money in your pocket by making room for things that matter.

Downsizing can be tough, but sometimes not all your possessions will fit in a smaller home.  K&C can find new homes for your treasures.  Let us help you downsize your home and upsize your wallet today!

We have been building and renovating properties for many years.  If you are selling a property, once it has been cleared, we will clean top to bottom, stage the house to maximise your offers, or assist with any improvements to prepare for a sale.

We are dedicated to helping navigate the numerous challenges associated with relocating a family member to a care home.  Our aim is to make the transition as stress-free as possible.  We customise an approach to help you each step of the way.