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Our Unique Approach

We have been in your shoes.  Whether you've lost a loved one, or just need to downsize or declutter, the entire process can be overwhelming.  We are here to take your stress away.

The first step is to give us a call or fill out our online form.  If you have a pile of things you need to clear, or a house full of contents to sift through, we are here to help.  All we need to know is what you want to keep, and what you want to rehome.  Please do not throw anything away or donate; almost everything is sellable.  Our process is new to the UK - traditional house clearance involves paying someone to remove items you don't need.  Normally those people then sell your items on and make a profit.  


Our approach is unique.  We sell the items on your behalf, we do all the work to finding new homes for your pieces, but the profit is yours to keep!


We offer two different services.  If you have items you just need out of the way, we can take them away to our premises, catalogue, research and photograph your pieces for sale.  You can wave goodbye to your clutter, and say hello to the proceeds from the sale.

If it's an entire house contents, we will do a detailed walkthrough - you just need to decide what you want to keep and what you want to sell.  We will then research, catalogue and photograph your items in situ.  This eliminates the need for removals, and provides maximum profit for you.  However, if you need the items to be cleared straight away we are also happy to arrange for them to be removed to our secure storage facility and processed from there.

Once the production phase is complete, we will then list the items for sale on our auction site.  As this process is new to the UK, we have chosen to use a multi channel auction - meaning our auctions also appear on eBay for maximum exposure to the UK and European markets.


Your sale will last up to 7 days.  When the sale is finished, we will arrange for packaging and collection of all goods sold. 

Of course there may be some items which are not sellable.  We, in conjunction with one of our waste removal partners, will arrange for unsold items to be recycled,

or donated.

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02393 780248 or 07788660707

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Monday-Friday:  8am-6pm

Saturday:  By Appointment

Sunday: By Appointment

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