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How It Works

Call Kit & Caboodle

Individuals and families contact k&c about selling a collection, whether it’s a few items or a lifetime of household objects. Consultations are entirely free.

Prepare for Sale

Our trained and knowledgeable staff sorts, catalogues, photographs and writes descriptions for each item, then uploads them to our auction site. If there are pieces not fit for sale, we arrange for donation or recycling.

The Sale

The sale goes live! Depending on your time constraints, you can choose either a 7 day auction format, or a set price buy it now format.  After fast and furious bidding, the sale closes and we manage payment, pickup, shipping or delivery.

The Proceeds

We ensure that all purchased items are collected or posted.  We will provide you with an itemised list of sales and will transfer the proceeds from the sale to you by BACS within 7 days.  

Our Charges

Our charges are set out as a commission which is 40% of the gross sale figure.  We handle all the legwork of the sale, including valuation research, photographing, advertising, liaising with potential buyers pre sale, and collection / shipping post sale.