Maximise Profit-Minimise Hassle

Sale Prepping

We have been in your shoes.  Whether you've lost a loved one, or just need to downsize or declutter, the entire process can be overwhelming.  We are here to take your stress away.

If you need more than just a house clearance and are preparing a house for sale, look no further!  Making your home look the best it can, by doing any necessary repairs, a thorough clean, and even staging the home can be a major factor in helping your property to sell quickly and easily.  


In conjunction with a trusted network of expert partners, Kit & Caboodle provides a hands-on holistic approach to sales preparation.  From the initial consultation through to a full clean and staging for sale, we and our trusted partners work together to ensure the process is smooth and scheduled to fit your timeline.  Our network of experts includes:

Trusted Builders

Building Surveyors

Painters and Decorators

Home Stagers

Removals and Courier Services


Carpet Installation and Cleaning

Cleaning Companies.

We are here to help!  Give us a call today.